The purpose of Earthing Cable and Short-circuit

The purpose of Earthing Cable (ESQ) is to temporarily or permanently ground an aerial bundled cable (ABC) without removing the insulation. One side of the Earthing Cable must always be properly connected to the grounding system of a power pole.
The purpose of Short-circuit Cable (SCD) is to make a reliable temporary or permanent insulated connection between aerial bundled cable (ABC) and Earthing Cable (ESQ). Short-circuit cable can be installed on 6 Atom CBS (CDR) connectors + PMCC adapter and on one Earthing Cable (ESQ).
The connection is made in the following way: Atom insulated piercing connector type CBS or CDR connected to Atom PMCC adapter is installed on aerial bundled cable (ABC), one side of Short-circuit Cable (SCD) is connected to PMCC adapter and Earthing Cable (ESQ) is connected to the other side of the same Short-circuit Cable.
One Atom ESQ + SCD kit can ground up to 6 ABC power lines.
The installation of this type of earthing kit increases safety at work and safety against electric shock. Atom CBS (CDR) + PMCC installation on aerial bundled cable (ABC) is permanent and can be used unlimited number of times to make connection to the Earthing Cable (ESQ) via a Short-circuit Cable (SCD).
Using this application does not damage aerial bundled cable in terms of removing the insulation, which in itself increases safety at work.

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