IOS 3 Al 16-70mm2 /AlCu 4x(6-35mm2)

Insulated Connector IOS 3 is used to achieve contact by piercing the insulation on LV ABC conductors and to joint network connection or street lighting conductors. The connector is made in such a way that it enables jointing of LV ABC and network connection line regardless of whether it is aluminum or copper conductor. When the nut is tightened the teeth of contact plates pierce the insulation and establish excellent joint on the main line without need to remove insulation. It is possible to derive 1-4 network connection lines where the insulation is removed in the length of 18mm. Tightening torque of the connector is 18 Nm. The contacts are protected with electrical contact grease. The connector can be used/installed only once.
Packaging 25 pieces
Weight 22,90kg/100 pieces
Cross section of the main line 16 to 70mm2 ;
Cross section of the tap-off line 6 to 35mm2 .

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