Insulation Piercing Connector RBB AlCu 10-150mm2

Insulation Piercing Connector RBB AlCu 10-150mm2 is used to install a surge arrester directly onto the insulated LV power distribution network. It is allowed to use the connector only with a surge arrester. It is not allowed to use the connector without a surge arrester. The contacts are protected with electrical contact grease. When tightening the shear-off nut of Insulation Piercing Connector RBB AlCu 10-150mm2 the “teeth“ of contact plates penetrate through the insulation and make a perfect contact, thanks to deep penetration into the conductor and large contact surface with it. The contact plates are made of electrolytic sheets of excellent conductivity and very high mechanical strength. Therefore, penetration through insulation is possible even in very low temperatures. Tightening of Insulation Piercing Connector RBB AlCu 10-150mm2 is done until mechanical damage of the shear-off nut occurs. Additional tightening is allowed up to the maximum mechanical load, a maximum of 1.5 circles from the moment of damage to the shear-off nut. Installation under voltage is possible but it is necessary to use adequate protective equipment.
Insulation Piercing Waterproof Connector is designed in such a way that it enables fast, easy, and reliable installation regardless of outdoor temperature. The housing of the connector is made of Polyamide PA 6.6 (30-50% glass fiber reinforced), resistant to UV rays, weather conditions, temperature changes, and aging.
Insulation Piercing Connector:
– does not contain parts that could fall off during installation;
– can be used/installed only once;
– has an anti-rotation device (ARD), which enables easy and proper installation because it doesn’t allow rotation of the upper and lower part of the connector around its axis, which results in easy and deep penetration of contact plates through the insulation of LV ABC conductor during installation of the connector;

Installation wrench: 13
Dismantling wrench: 17
Wrench to hold the lower part during installation: 22

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