Dead End Clamp PA 1500 ADSS is used for tightening ADSS cables. Its design provides easy, fast and reliable installation in all weather conditions. It is installed using no tools and do not contain parts which can fall off. Dead End Clamp PA 1500 ADSS consists of the body casted of aluminum alloy and self-adjusting plastic wedges which tighten the conductor without insulation damage. All parts of Dead End Clamp PA 1500 ADSS are resistant to corrosion, environmental effects and UV radiation. Maximum turning angle is 45 degrees for one-sided tightening and 90 degrees for two-sided tightening. Minimum breaking strength is 15 kN. The Clamp is delivered with hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel cord on Customer’s request.

Packaging 100 pieces
Weight 40,80 kg/100 pieces

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