Anchoring clamp UMS PAM 35 1/4x 10-50 mm

Universal Clamp UMS PAM 2 2/3/4×10;16;25;35;50 mm can be used as a dead end, suspension, and angular clamp for LV ABC distribution networks and other 2 overhead lines within the range from 10 mm 2 and 50 mm and with 1 to 4 conductors in the clamp. The clamp is made of high-quality material polyamide 6,6 GF 30 of high tensile strength and resistance to environmental effects. It is tested so that it complies with all standards for cable accessories. Inside canals of Universal Clamp UMS, PAM 35 are cogged so that they have excellent mechanical contact with the conductor’s insulation.
Tightening is done via PA shear head nut of 12Nm. When the clamp is properly tightened ABC cannot be pulled out of cogged parts of the clamp, which leads to great installation possibilities and usage of the clamp without the possibility of losing. Universal Clamp UMS PAM 35 is designed in such a way that it can tighten, support, or change the angle of the ABC route and it can be safely installed on power lines if proper protective equipment is used. The Clamp is installed by tightening the shear head PA nut with ring wrench No. 13 or No. 22 and removed with open-end wrench No. 22. It does not contain parts that can fall off.
The bolt and metal part of the shear head nut are made of stainless steel. The Clamp is designed in such a way that it can be used with Marel Aluminum Bracket, Cat. no. 370100.

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