Anchoring clamp DN 525 ADSS is used with cables of different construction and of section size from Ø1mm to Ø25mm. Anchoring clamp DN 525 is made of top quality material of high mechanical strength and resistance to environmental effects and UV radiation. It is type tested and certified according to all standards relevant for cable accessories. Inside canals of anchoring clamp DN 525 are cogged and they have excellent mechanical contact with conductor insulation, which prevents slippage and provides an effect of extremely reliable tightening. Minimum breaking force is 4,5 kN. The clamp is installed without additional tools. The clamp does not contain parts which can fall off.
The clamp has a built-in system for compensation of cyclic forces such as strong winds and similar cyclic loadings.
The clamp has a unique feature to hold two conductors independently. After the first conductor has been fitted the second conductor can be added easily.

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